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The Sania Box Embedded Computer is a build-it-yourself computer that teaches children to code. It has been conceived by Sania, and designed and developed by the experts at Moonshot Jr Inc., so all children can learn to code from an early age. The computer aims to develop STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills in kids and coding is an integral part of STEM education. All jobs in the future such as technology, artificial intelligence, engineering, banking, and shopping are dependent on coding and children need to be prepared for it.

What is a Sania Box

The Sania Box is a basic computer that can be built and used by children whi are 8 years and above without any adult supervision. The kit contains a Raspberry Pi Model 4 that makes it the latest version of a basic computer. It also contains an add-on board that makes coding interactive and fun. The possibilities that a child can explore with this embedded computer kit are endless. Other components in the kit include a keyboard, a mouse, and cables. The computer can be connected to any television that can function as a monitor.

What Can You do with a Sania Box

Coding of course, is the basic function of this computer, but it doesn’t stop there! The Sania Box contains numerous codes pre-installed for children who are at basic or mid-levels of coding. These codes can be used to design simple projects such as IoT and electronics. The programs in Sania Box are designed for children 8 years and above.

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi model 4 is one of the most compact computers available. It is energy-efficient and saves a lot more power when compared to similar devices. It also has two USB 2 ports and two USB 3 ports that can transfer data multiple times faster. The integrated Gigabyte ethernet including onboard wireless networking, and Bluetooth are some of its other primary features.

The Add-on Board

The Sania Box embedded add-on board has some unique features such as push buttons, sensors, three digit-seven segment display, and relay circuit. The add-on board is one of the most important components of the kit and can be used to build innumerable projects involving code.

Python Computer Language

Sania Box chooses to teach in one of the most simple and engaging computer languages – Python. It is fun, expressive, and easy to read. This language is a preferred choice by kids and adults for building simple prototypes. 

Education Outreach

The Sania Box Embedded Computer is a tool that can teach hundreds of children to code. This in turn, will prepare them for millions of jobs that are and will be based on computer science and coding skills. According to 95% of parents want their children to code but only 45% of schools teach computer science in high schools. Another data reveals that 67% of STEM jobs require coding skills but only 10% of STEM graduates have a computer science degree. Sania is aware of the need for STEM education among children and aims to close this gap with her unique innovation.

Community Outreach

Sania believes that there is a worldwide deficit of coding graduates and more children are needed to be introduced to coding at an early age. Coding doesn’t just teach kids to program but also makes them immensely creative, and good problem solvers. The dearth of computer education is not only persistent in the United States but across the world, especially in underdeveloped and developing countries. Sania wants to create an awareness among children in these countries and wants to give them an equal opportunity to learn code. 

As a part of her community outreach program, Sania visited some schools in India that educate kids from underprivileged and poor sections of the society. She gave lectures regarding computer education and code, and discussed the importance of code in the future job scenario. She also demonstrated the use of the Sania Box embedded computer and how it can be helpful in teaching code to beginners. The lectures were received with enthusiasm and curiosity by kids and teachers alike in these schools.