Sania Jain

“My father once told me ‘every day is an opportunity’. I didn’t understand it then, but as I grew up they became words to live by. Life gives us a chance every day, and we have to take it,” says Sania, aged 15 and author of five books. She began exploring in 3rd grade when she wrote a fiction story for class and realized her passion went beyond schoolwork. Soon she discovered FLL tournaments and was introduced to the wide world of robotics and coding. Not long after, she found a bucket of clay and watercolors and started exploring the many forms art could take in the world. Sania believes that everything should be tried and no moments should be wasted. 

After writing her first book in an elementary school classroom, Sania delved into being an author and published five books, each with their own message. While her book Silicon Valley CyberSpace is about a girl trying to make it big in a world of tech ruled by men, The Wilderness Speaks leaves a message about endangered animals and illegal poaching. Her personal favorite books are Circe and They Both Die at the End. When asked what it takes to write a book, she answered ‘You have to care about what you're writing. You have to pick up your pen and truly believe in every word you inscript, every letter on the page. Passion needs to flow off every page, so much that when a reader picks up that book, they experience everything the author is feeling and are enveloped in the beautiful world of words, filled with swirling colors of dialogue and a river of care”.

Sania is also passionate about art. Her favorite forms are woodwork, sculpture, and painting, although she dabbles in all types. She believes the little things make the piece and in the beauty of small things. ‘When you get into a project, everything else blurs away. It just becomes you and the artwork, a melody only you can hear.’ 

Writing Silicon Valley Cyberspace and joining FLL Competitions introduced Sania to an entirely new world of robotics and computers. When asked where her passion came from, she responded: “I became interested in tech because it makes up most of our lives. Everything I interacted with had some form of tech involved, from the smallest tracking chip in my cat to the biggest car. I wanted to learn more about all the things I experienced every day.” However, none of this passion mattered if she didn’t share it with the world. 

Her innovative idea, the Sania Box Embedded Computer Kit is a novel concept for kids aged 8 and above. It is a self-assembled computer kit with the Raspberry Pi 4 processor, a custom add-on board, and a keyboard and mouse. It can be connected to a television to be used as a monitor. It has pre-installed programs written by Sania with the help of the tech experts at Moonshot Jr. She also continued her passion for animal conservation with her Eco-Bottles, a series of three copper bottles that bring awareness to endangered animals of the world. 

What involves making a product? Sania replies, “I think about the difficulty level, what it teaches, and whether it is fun for the user. I want to make sure that every kid who has got a Sania Box embedded computer or other products made by me can play with it. So, it can’t be too complicated or too simple. I also think about what someone will learn when they use this toy, and whether or not what they are learning is important. There is a philosophy I follow - do what you love, love what you do - and I try to stay true to that every day.” Welcome to her world, where you can hear the melody of her enthusiasm, creativity, and passion for all things STEAM.