Sania Jain

Sania Jain

“My father once quoted Maya Angelou to me and said ‘If you’re always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.’ I was too young to comprehend it then, but I remembered it and grew up to understand it in recent years. Life gives a chance to all of us, and we must take it,” says Sania, all of 13 years and author of five books. She began writing in the third grade and while she wrote fiction for a school assignment, she came to realize that she loved writing beyond schoolwork. She is a science-fiction lover whose favorite books include The Maze Runner by James Dashner and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. She makes sure that all of her books convey an important message for her readers. So, while her book Silicon Valley Cyberspace is about a girl trying to make it big in the world of technology ruled by men; The Wilderness Speaks leaves a message about endangered animals and illegal poaching. 

Being a technology-lover does come with its own perks. It helped Sania to write some of her books and also flamed her motivation to venture into a whole new world of computers and robotics. She is also an avid programmer who experiments with coding now and then. “I became interested in programming because programming makes up so many things in our lives. Everything I was interested in, such as robotics and computer science, was due to programming. I wanted to learn it so I could make things from code too,” says Sania. However, all this talent would not count if she didn’t share it with the world. 

Her innovative idea, the Sania Box Embedded Computer Kit is a novel concept for kids aged 8 and above. It is a self-assembled computer kit with the Raspberry Pi 4 processor, a custom add-on board, and a keyboard and mouse. It can be connected to a television to be used as a monitor. It has pre-installed programs written by Sania with the help of the tech experts at Moonshot Jr. You can also visit the website for upcoming projects by Sania, and by other children who love STEAM education.

Sania likes to learn new things about robotics and says, “I really enjoy robotics, but I couldn’t find any fun games or interactive things to do with it. I decided to start making toys so that robotics is more fun for me and for everyone else who buys these toys.”  Sania entered robotics competitions such as FLL, where they make Lego robots, and complete challenges. This took her love for robotic toys up several notches higher and she started turning them into DIY projects for herself and for other kids who share the same passion.

What involves making a learning toy for another young person? Sania replies, “I think about the difficulty level, what it teaches, and whether it is fun for the user. I want to make sure that every kid who has got a Sania Box embedded computer or other products made by me can play with it. So, it can’t be too complicated or too simple. I also think about what someone will learn when they use this toy, and whether or not what they are learning is important. There is a philosophy I follow - do what you love, love what you do - and I try to stay true to that every day.” 

 She is also a lover of art.  Sania likes to paint and make wooden crafts while she is not attending school, writing, or making one of her toys. Welcome to her world where you can connect with her and share her enthusiasm for all things science, literature, and art.