Eco Bottles

Eco Bottles

A set of pure copper water bottles to promote healthy drinking habits among school-goers. Ayurveda has highlighted the importance and countless benefits of drinking water from copper bottles. The environment-friendly, easy-to-carry nature-themed, and fancy prints of these reusable water bottles make them the ideal companion for children.

Copper bottles have been known in Ayurveda since ancient times for the health benefits that they offer. These are reusable and easy-to-clean and to carry.  No more plastic bottles for your kids! These fit easily in your refrigerator and in your kid’s backpack, picnic bags, and/or school bags. Raise their cool quotient by gifting them one of these beautiful and durable copper bottles.

Community Outreach 

EcoBottles are created by 15-years-old Sania Jain, to encourage healthy-drinking habits among children. Along with the concern for kids’ health, Sania is equally passionate about raising awareness about the environment getting interrupted by human interventions. The theme of these environment-friendly water bottles shows our solicitude upon the fact that mother Earth and its beautiful creations are getting endangered every day.

These EcoBottles lets kids pledge towards making the environment breathable for every living being. These environment-friendly bottles also echo the themes of books written by Sania namely “The Wilderness Speaks” and “The Great Forest Adventure”.

Apart from the exquisitely printed pure copper bottles, the box also contains educational material prepared by Sania for her peers. What a fun way to spread knowledge, looking cool, and getting healthy- all with one reusable copper water bottle!