Eco Bottles



These one-of-a-kind water bottles are an excellent, eco-friendly, and healthy way to stay hydrated this year. These water bottles are embossed with a durable image that will last forever and never peel or fade. Our durable, reusable, pure copper bottle construction ensures health and eco-friendly habits!


☆ One embossed copper water bottle.
☆ Screw on lid for an easy and leak proof seal.

☆ 700 mm capacity

☆ Educational materials on the environmental issues depicted on each bottle

☆ Choice of three patterns:

  • Stop Marine Pollution
  • Stop Animal Poaching
  • Stop Global Warming


❶ Order from this site or

❷ Select the quantity of bottles you would like.
❸ Select the design(s) from the menu.
❹ Sit back and wait! Your unique, eco-friendly water bottle(s) will be arriving shortly.


My Mission

I created the Ecobottles for a healthier life and a healthier world. We are living in the Anthropocene, an era in which human activity is the dominant influence on the climate and environment. The world will not change unless we change, and that begins with the individual. Plastic water bottles contain microplastics, are unhealthy to drink from, and make up a large sum of the pollution in the word. These environment-friendly water bottles shows our solicitude upon the fact that mother Earth and its beautiful creations are getting endangered every day, raise awareness, educate, and let us pledge towards making the environment better for every living being.