Lost in Cyberspace

Type: Book


Every night, parents tuck in their kids and kiss them goodnight, but sometimes, an argument might cause tension within the family. Having three brothers and one sister, learning to deal with siblings is a challenge and the narrator finds herself struggling to understand the importance of family. Until one day, a stop at the computer lab drags the girl and her buddies into the world of Cyberspace. They find themselves stuck on the first level and when they are given a mysterious book called a bouter, they embark on a journey to get back home as soon as possible! The girls must find keys to unlock the doors and along the way, the main character uncovers her lost, but fond memories of her family. Despite the difficulty of the levels, the girls are determined to go to certain lengths to be reunited with loved ones. Not only do they combine their wit and knowledge to get through each level, but they use the lessons they’ve learned from their families as well. What aspects of family help the girls survive?

Author: Sania Jain

Format: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 100

Release Date: 08-01-2016

Languages: English

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