DIY Wooden Carousel Toy for Education, STEM Physics & Electronics Light or Voice Controlled Project

Type: stemtoys
SKU: 26884155-01-light-control

This DIY STEM Carousel Set can quickly become your kid’s favorite toy. The horse carousel is made of natural wood and can be assembled easily by the kid under parent supervision. The wooden STEM toy helps kids evolve their engineering and technological skills that are integral to STEM learning. This DIY project includes wooden stencils to make the carousel and other electrical parts that make the horses go around. The toy has two variants.

Voice Activated

The DIY toy is voice-activated by sound sensors placed on the board. The toy carousel is put into motion when it receives any voice or music input and stops without any sound.

Light Activated

The toy carousel contains a photoresistor sensor. Turn the switch on the battery case and put the carousel under direct light. The carousel will begin to rotate. It stops when it is removed away from the light source.

STEM education is gained momentum in recent years as it helps children learn through experimentation and innovation. It is a cross-disciplinary learning system that integrates the knowledge of Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics to make children wonder, enquire, and solve problems. 


  • Made of wood
  • Dimensions: 20.5cm x 9cm x 13 cm
  • Voice-controlled Toy/Light Activated Toy
  • STEM Toy
  • Educational toy
  • Contains small parts
  • Suitable for children 8 and above
  • Eco-friendly Science project
  • Batteries not included