DIY Construction Toy for STEM Learning, Physics Educational Toy hydraulics based, Excavator/Lift Toy

Type: stemtoys
SKU: 23310894-01-hydraulic-arm

Nurture your kid’s love for Physics with this DIY Hydraulic Robot Toy. It operates on the principles of hydraulic mechanism that states Pascal's law which concludes that the pressure in an enclosed fluid exerts uniform pressure in all directions. The fluid can be used to create force and act as a pressure regulator by adjusting the piston. This 4-channel hydraulic kit is a great indoor toy for children who love Science. It doesn’t need any electrical input for functioning. Hydraulic transmission is a transmission mode that makes use of pressurized liquid in a closed system to convert motion into force. It converts this force to mechanical energy that is used to move the arms of the toy. Gift it to your kids and watch them spend hours to play and learn with the toy. Do not leave air in syringes and hoses after playing.

The toy is available in 2 options

  1. Hydraulic Arm
  2. Hydraulic Excavator

STEM learning is a new method of imparting education to kids around the globe. This learning approach teaches kids about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in a fun and practical way. STEM also follows an interdisciplinary practice of teaching so kids learn to evaluate and evolve their skills much faster. It also gives them a hands-on learning opportunity and makes them ready to take up future challenges better.


  • Made of wood
  • Type: DIY
  • Ideal for children 10 and above
  • Theme: Hydraulic Mechanism
  • Suitable for children 12 and above
  • Adult supervision needed
  • Science Toy
  • STEM toy