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DIY Hydraulic Lift Table Model Toy for Kids, STEM Learning Toy with Physics Hydraulic Lift Mechanism

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Teach your kids the basics of hydraulic mechanism with this simple DIY Lift Table Model. Children can assemble the model with the stencils and the piston provided in the kit. Once the model is assembled and fluid is filled into the pistons the table can be manipulated to lift up and set down. Children can paint this wooden toy in their favorite colors and place small objects on the top of the table while they lift it up and bring it down. The toy is aimed at teaching the basics of Physics especially Pascal’s Law of hydraulic mechanism which states that an enclosed fluid exerts uniform pressure in all directions. This law is proven when the pressure from one fluid channel in the model is used to create a force in the second channel and therefore control the lifting mechanism of the Science toy. Ensure that there is no air in the syringes and hoses after the child is done playing with it.

STEM education ensures that children get hands-on learning through projects based on different themes. It empowers children with critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. STEM education is being adopted throughout the world. Parents and teachers are encouraging children and giving them learning tools of STEM that will help them to take up and solve problems in any area of their lives.


  • Material: Made of Wood
  • Dimensions: 11 cm x 11 cm x 6.5 cm
  • Suitable for kids 8 and above
  • Adult supervision needed
  • Theme: Physics toy (Hydraulic Mechanism)
  • DIY STEM Toy